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LAN consists of several strategic business units, managed through our core group of officers, which comprise our diverse staff’s disciplines and talents.

Our flexible and streamlined structure enables us to rapidly deploy the right mix of talent and resources in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner.
LAN has served public and private sector clientele locally and across the United States for the past 48 years. Teaming with our clients, we routinely provide a wide variety of services at a single location, giving our clients a competitive advantage with their core business. Our service offerings are as diverse as our talent pool (from school districts to mining operations).
As a result of our experience working at sites across the country, we offer unparalleled knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations that can benefit your facility startup and/or ongoing operations. Our past success for achieving efficient, cost-effective solutions for our clientele is strengthened by our ability to provide a full range of proven and innovative approaches/technologies.

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