About Us


LAN Associates, Inc. is a full service, employee-owned company that provides complete environmental, health, safety, and land planning/development services from our location in St. Augustine, Florida. LAN has provided these services to clientele locally and across the United States for over 48 years. Our broad range of expertise is complemented by our commitment to providing the highest quality services throughout the performance of all of our projects.
LAN distinguishes itself from its competitors through the ability to provide clients with clearly presented business information and solutions needed to operate profitably and efficiently with their core businesses. In this way, LAN truly provides responsive, value added service.

Our technical staff is experienced and diverse. Technical personnel include the disciplines of engineering, geology, chemistry, mathematics, biology, forestry/agriculture, soil science, and land planning. The staff is made up of personnel who are PhDs, licensed and certified professionals.

LAN’s central management structure is streamlined to be responsive to service requests. Our technically, sophisticated staff forms the backbone of our organization. The responsiveness from this staff, coupled with our technical diversity, enables LAN to consistently perform well above our clients’ expectations.
The ability to develop, manage, and deliver solutions to complex engineering, energy, and traditional EH&S consulting projects often requires the collaboration of many specialists. Each individual in our organization, acting in their area of specialty, working together as a team, contributes to the effectiveness of our goal to provide the highest quality cost-effective service to our clients. LAN’s organization structure is characterized by the centralized streamlined authority vested in our officers. Any of LAN’s officers are prepared to immediately address any work request, project concern, or other issue to operate in accordance to our mission statement.

Unlike the “one-size-fits-all” mentality, LAN employs a Best Team Practices approach that focuses first on understanding the client’s business operations and goals. By developing this thorough understanding, we can identify and resolve potential issues and liabilities your business is facing today or may be facing in the future, due to regulatory climate changes, in a way that meets your business objectives and increases your competitive advantage.

It all adds up to one organization that can help you build sound operational practices into your long-term business goals. Applying innovative business solutions to complex problems requires a broad range of business and technical skills. LAN is comprised of several strategic business units that contain our diversified collection of disciplines and resources. Our flexible and streamlined structure enables us to rapidly deploy the right mix of talent and resources in a highly cost-effective manner.

LAN Engineering, Planning, Architectural, Surveying, Inc. formed in 1965, opened its St. Augustine environmental office in 1988. This office grew into what is now LAN Associates, Inc., which includes engineering, EH&S consulting, planning, and became a wholly employee-owned firm in 2006.

The focus of this office has been to bring innovative and cost-effective solutions to the environmental and planning issues for clients. Our clients have continued to be predominantly independently owned, private companies in the manufacturing sector.

LAN believes in a “do it right the first time” approach to quality and “preventing” non-conformances before they occur. This proactive approach is consistent with ISO9001/14001 – Quality Management Systems. This international standard promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction. Therefore, LAN has designed our quality management system to be consistent with the ISO standards process approach, the key elements of which include:

  • Planning to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements, federal/state/local regulations, and all internal policies
  • Implementing the program/process
  • Monitoring process performance and effectiveness
  • Continual improvement of the processes

LAN follows this quality management systems process to further ensure our work practices are conducted in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local standard operating procedures/regulations, OSHA requirements, and EPA guidelines.