Sara Santarelli

Staff  Geologist

[email protected]

Ms. Santarelli worked for an environmental drilling and testing company in high school which sparked an interest in geology and environmental sciences. She joined LAN Associates, Inc. in 2017 after receiving a BS in geology from the University of South Florida. At USF she was actively involved in karst research, and studied geomicrobiology at the University of Tennessee. While at UT, Ms. Santarelli worked as a Teaching Assistant; she taught introductory geology and environmental science labs. She has presented research at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting and at the International Conference on Subterranean Biology.

Ms. Santarelli is experienced in the installation and monitoring of groundwater wells for multiple applications. She has an extensive understanding of environmental permits, Title V air permitting, groundwater sampling, soil sampling, technical reporting, geologic mapping, and stream gauging. Ms. Santarelli also has experience in the use of hydrogeologic monitoring equipment including multi-probe YSI water quality meter, Hanna turbidity meter, and various pressure transducers. Her experience includes, oversight for geotechnical testing, collecting water quality samples for lab analysis, conducting aquifer performance tests, geophysical testing, performing stormwater pollution prevention inspections, phase 1 investigations, hazardous materials studies and environmental site inspections.

Ms. Santarelli is proficient in software including: Excel, ArcGIS, Mothur, Windows and Mac operating systems, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.