Nicholas Paasche, M.S.

Hydrogeology Project Geologist

[email protected]


Mr. Paasche is experienced in the fields of geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental science and has consulted for industrial, agricultural, municipal, and land development projects/clients. He is experienced in drafting permit applications, technical memorandums and due diligence packages and has an in depth understanding of water use permits, environmental resource permits, landfill permits, and mining permits. Through his work as a project geologist he has gained extensive knowledge of Florida’s geologic units and aquifers. An example of his work as a project geologist includes oversight of stormwater discharge and soil erosion prevention at mine sites in accordance with FDEP's Environmental Resource Permits and NPDES Permits.

In the field Mr. Paasche has extensive experience conducting soil, surface water, and groundwater investigations while following USEPA and state DEP regulations and guidelines for sampling. He has logged the lithology and conducted oversight during the installation of both monitoring and production wells in several U.S. States. As a hydrologic consultant/technician and project geologist he has conducted stream gauging, aquifer performance tests, surveying, and automated data collection using pressure transducers, data loggers, and sensors. He is experienced in working in inclement weather conditions and undeveloped natural environments. He is proficient in the following software: ArcGIS, MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas, Excel, and AQTESOLV.

Academic Credentials:

University of South Florida – B.S. Geology

University of Nevada Reno – M.S. Hydrogeology

Professional Courses Attended:

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 40-hr Training

Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector (Inspector Number 39041)

Hazardous Waste Regulations for Generator Training

DEP SOPs for Water Sampling & Meter Testing Training Intro to DEP SOPs for Groundwater Training