Katherine A. Kulik, AICP

Compliance Manager / Land Planning & Development Manager
[email protected]
  Ms. Kulik has over 25 years of experience in construction management and land development including due diligence, environmental permitting and environmental compliance. She has served as project manager on residential, commercial, and industrial planning projects for public and private sector clients throughout the US and Bahamas.

In planning for development projects, Ms. Kulik reviews current and future land use, existing zoning, municipal or county land development code, and comprehensive plans with respect to the proposed use of the property. Ms. Kulik coordinates additional due diligence work including wetlands delineations, endangered species surveys, environmental assessments/ environmental impact statements, geotechnical exploration, archaeological surveys, DOT/site access, concurrency, capital improvements projects, etc. that may affect a project’s development. Based on a feasibility analyses, Ms. Kulik identifies project opportunities and limitations. She prepares applications and supporting documentation for land use amendments, re-zonings, and special use permits for the proposed land use. Ms. Kulik manages projects from inception through the approval and permitting processes, and has prepared and managed bid solicitation from drafting specifications through contractor selection.

For industrial facilities, Ms. Kulik provides various environmental services including reviewing/tracking current and proposed Federal and State environmental air and water quality regulations affecting clients’ facilities for permitting and compliance. She prepares annual air compliance reports/certifications, emissions inventory reporting, as well as environmental reporting for other media (soil, water, etc.). Ms. Kulik prepares air testing protocols, coordinates stack testing, and reports results through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting tool. She manages facility responses to audits/information collection requests from regulatory agencies and serves as liaison with Federal, State, and local regulatory agencies. Additionally, Ms. Kulik prepares facility environmental plans.

Academic Credentials:
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1989 B.A., Communications

2010 to Present – American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)

Employment Record:
2005 to Present LAN Associates, Inc
1992 to 2004 InSite International/WIND
1990 to 1991 National Federation of Independent Business
1989 to 1990 Surgical Products, Inc.

Principal Areas of Expertise:

Analysis and Interpretation of Zoning Ordinances/Land Development Code, Comprehensive Plans, Administrative Code, State Statutes, and Federal Regulations.
Preparation of Applications for:
Air Quality Permits (Title V, FESOP, MSOP)
Water Quality Permits
Environmental Resource Permits (ERP)
Comprehensive Land Use Amendments
Zoning changes
Planned Unit Developments

Professional Development:

New EPA GHG Regulations: Updates & Analysis Short Course: Air & Waste Mgmt. Assn.
Area & Major Source Boiler MACT & CISWI
GHG BACT/NAAQS/Cross State Air Rule
12/23/11 Proposed Boiler MACT audio conference
Sustainability & Energy Planning for Communities
Transportation Alternatives for Energy Efficiency
Partnering with Your Power Company for Clean Energy
Clean Energy Needs, Options & Solutions
Smart Planning for a Green Future
Green Infrastructure Community Develop & Energy Resources
Impacts and Opportunities of an Aging Population
Scope, Extent & Effect of EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry Standard for Environmental Due Diligence
USDA Biomass Crop Assistance Program
Coastal Development and Regulatory Realities
Plat & Subdivision Law in Florida
Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development Law in FL
Community Planning Act Challenges & Opportunities FL

Professional Activities:
American Planning Association, FL Chapter