Environmental Engineering-old

The environmental engineering arena is rooted in engineering/remedial design and remediation implementation. The design of proper systems is critical in meeting efficiencies dictated by regulation and generally accepted industry standards. Engineering is about finding real-world solutions to complex problems faced by our clientele in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Cleanup of historical contamination may be required by regulatory action or by site economics. Regardless of the triggering mechanism, LAN’s extensive experience with design, cleanup, and ongoing maintenance and documentation is proven. Our team of engineers offers customized solutions to individual problems.

Environmental Impact Studies
The service offerings provided in this business unit/line sub-group typically support the land planning and development market. These services are commonly required as part of a larger development project or stem from permit requirements, although they can be provided individually on an as-needed basis. Our team of environmental scientists are well versed in the techniques and possess the education/training to proficiently complete project assignments. Our professionals routinely design projects to avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental impacts. For projects with special needs, LAN typically seeks out individuals with specialized talents for services in certain specialty or niche service offerings to provide our clientele with the best possible value and talent.

From our experience and working knowledge, we have the relationships with these individuals who possess this specialized talent, including but not limited to archeological, traffic, and geotechnical services. We understand the delicate balance affecting all ecosystems, habitats, wildlife, and natural resources in relation to developed communities.